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The Bosque Escuelas are an educational proposal that adopts the outdoors as a learning environment and the child's primary interest as the main driving force.

Forest Schools are an innovative approach to education that has been recognized nationally in Scandinavian countries for 50 years and in the United Kingdom since the 1990s. Today, this methodology is recognized worldwide (Australia, Canada, Denmark, USA, Spain, France, Norway, United Kingdom...) and little by little it is growing around the world.

The spirit of the Bosque Escuelas is based on the fundamental respect for children and young people and their ability to investigate, test and awaken their curiosity about the world around them. We believe in the right of children to play, the right to have access to the outdoors (particularly nature) and the right to take risks within the parameters of the reality of the natural world, the right to experience a range of emotions through all the challenges that social interaction represents, and the right to be resilient that favors the development of their full potential and the continuous and creative commitment to the environment and society in general.


Bosque Escuelas are based more on the learning process than on the content. This means that, in practice, Forest Schools are freed from the limitations of planned activities to live together unplanned, unexpected and, ultimately, unlimited experiences. We encourage children and young people to be owners of their own learning; This often requires a channeling effort on the part of the School Forest Leader through stimulating outdoor play or through scaffolding a child or young person's self-regulated learning; but, above all, observing how children and young people behave outdoors and in contact with nature.


As a general rule, a natural environment is essential to support this very dynamic approach to learning, starting with the change of seasons to the contemplation of an old tree or an outdoor environment that represents an infinite source of smells, textures, sounds and flavors, and the historical, cultural, spiritual and mythological legacy that speaks of our deep relationship with trees, animals, plants and nature in general throughout the centuries.


Direct exposure to Nature is essential for human development: physical, emotional and spiritual. The human brain is programmed to organically relate to other living beings. Understanding and respecting the natural world from an early age will allow us to care for it, value it and love it.

" If we want our children to move mountains, we first have to let them get out of their chairs. "

Nicolette Sowder

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Support us!

“BUHO DE ARRO is a non-profit Association. We receive support either from human resources or financial resources to be able to invest in scholarships for boys and girls who do not have the resources for the Forest School and/or the workshops. Additionally, we seek alliances with organizations that want to invest in training young leaders or teachers in the School Forest methodology. Thank you for your contribution to educating in nature!

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